LG To Debut 10 Megapixel Phone With LG’s Own Quad-Core L9 Chipset This September

Taking a cue from competitor Samsung, South Korean company LG is going into the chip making business and is about to debut its own L9 chipset. This chipset reportedly bundles a quad-core ARM processor and a powerful, yet currently unknown, GPU. It is assumed that the “9” in the name refers to the older ARM Cortex-A9 cores as opposed to the newer A15‘s, but that has not been confirmed.

LG apparently plans to put this chipset in a new phone that will also sport their True HD-IPS screen, as seen on the Optimus 4X HD. A camera of 10 or more megapixels is also rumored to be on board LG’s new high-end device, set to launch some time in September.

It’s still way too early to determine if LG has a true contender with this upcoming phone until we can get our hands on it. Who’s interested?

source: phone arena
via: gsm arena


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