Verizon flavoured Galaxy S III source code released

Welcome to the party Verizon. Samsung released the source code for the Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T over a week ago so it was only a matter of time before Verizon customers got their fix. The Samsung open source bank has been updated to include the latest kernel files for the SCH-I535, the Verizon Galaxy S III. Unfortunately you’ll still have a locked bootloader to content with however I’m sure this latest news will be welcomed by the developer community all the same. Modders, start your engines.


Source: Samsung

  • Todd Martineau

    I just don’t understand you Verizon….why would you want to do this to your customers and your product? Anyone looking to buy a phone now is going to avoid Verizon if there is any other choice available. You have made your phone (by which I mean my phone you idiots!) different in a very undesirable way. The Verizon S3 is the red-headed step child of the S3 line now. (Get it? RED headed?) Congratulations! One more phone ruined.

    So far:
    1. Delivered late (and later everyday)
    2. Wifi toggle in notification pull down screwed up
    3. Bootloader locked

    I am actually still surprised you didn’t charge more for the phone than other carriers like T-mobile did. At least I can’t call you COMPLETELY EVIL; just MOSTLY EVIL.

    So now we know the real reason these phones are being delivered late. Verizon had to get it’s greasy mitts on a beautiful phone and mess it up. Verizon’s ‘updates’ to this phone are like punk graffiti on fine art or a clean building- not appreciated by anyone who isn’t a punk.

    This news is on tech sites all over the world. Where is the statement from Verizon and Samsung explaining the pure genius of this idiocy?! Verizon and Samsung are as silent as can be.

    Samsung – buddy – you’re not out of the woods with this either. You knew that Verizon was doing this and you didn’t warn us. So far you haven’t provided any escape either. HTC stepped up and helped its customers unlock bootloaders; now its your turn.

    Verizon customers are expecting this to be fixed. Our rage grows with every passing day that developers have to fight your moronic decisions.

    Get it fixed!!!!