Verizon GS III pre-orders now shipping July 19

We just reported yesterday that Verizon had pushed back their GSIII launch to July 12 and now the pre-orders are getting hit with delays as well. The latest update from Big Red states that pre-orders will begin shipping out July 19. I’m sure this is a tad frustrating for many customers have been already patiently waiting for their dream phone to arrive. Hopefully we won’t see any more delays in the coming days.

source: droidlife

  • Jay Matt

    Received mine on the 5th.

  • cyber75sax

    You might want to quantify this news post a little. Many GSIII pre-orders are shipped already.

    • bobbftl

      Got the shipping notice over the weekend. According to FedEx I’ll get mine tomorrow

  • blett

    What?! im starting to think that someone is making some of this stuff up. it been delayed and delayed again. I was told that my preorder had a date of the 10 or the 11th at the lastest to be delivered. this is getting old. ??verizon??

  • Michael Capehart

    Got mine today. :-)