In Other News: Verizon Locks The Samsung Galaxy S III’s Bootloader, But Device Gets Rooted Anyways

While Samsung generally makes developer-friendly devices, Verizon Wireless went ahead and became a party-pooper by locking the bootloader of the Galaxy S III smartphone. Of course people didn’t take too kindly of that and immediately went to work and take it to Big Red. Well a landmark achievement has been accomplished by a tireless developer who hates the needless extras and bloatware on Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S III. Thanks to superstud invisibleK of RootzWiki, interested parties of the Verizon variant of the Galaxy S III will now be able to slap on some root action, with little to no trouble. Looks like that recently-released stock image is looking just a little more tantalizing, isn’t it?

Naturally, those of you who are interested will want to take extreme caution as rooting the device will not only void the warranty, but any mishaps or stumbles could possibly result in an unusable or bricked device. Now that we gave you Verizon Galaxy S III owners a full disclaimer, hit the break to see the full detailed instructions on how to get in on some sweet, sweet root action.

 First off, you’ll need some files. This basically flashes a custom system.img.ext4 which has your su binary. You then boot up and flash cwm

– Odin:
– Rooted system.img tarball:….system.img.tar (this is big ~1.5gb, I’ll work on slimming it down)
—–torrent for ^ (please seed!):…img.tar.torrent
– CWM recovery.img:…35/recovery.img (this was ripped out of from the e4gt team)

Ok, lets get started….

1. Boot into Odin mode on the phone. Do this by powering off and then holding vol down, home and power to power on. Then press vol up to accept the disclaimer. Plug into your computer.

2. Fire up Odin (Heimdeil may work in linux, haven’t tested) choose the PDA section and browse to wherever you downloaded rooted.system.img.tar then click flash. This takes awhile, be patient. Took me around 8 minutes to flash this.

3. It will auto reboot. It should boot up and thing should act mostly normal except that you’ll be able to adb in and use su to take root

If you don’t want a custom recovery, you may stop here. You are rooted.

Continuing on to get CWM on your device…

4. You’ll need adb installed and working for this. If you don’t know how, this isn’t the thread for that. Open a command prompt and follow these commands:

<cd to the directory with the files you downloaded earlier>
adb push recovery.img /sdcard/
adb shell
dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18
adb reboot recovery
5. Profit

Should be it guys. It should be noted I haven’t really tested anything in CWM

I’ve only done it once, but you are welcome to join me in #verizons3 on for help
I’m tired, can’t guarantee there aren’t any typos here, if you are scared, just wait. I’m sure someone will come up with a simpler way to do this…

enjoy :)

Thanks to many people…
Epic 4g Touch Team
rizdroid for this: http://forum.xda-dev…304&postcount=1 which i loosely followed to build our rooted system.img
Many others for bits an pieces for this whole thing


Q: It’s not working!!! Keeps failing!!!
A: Try again. Turn the phone off (battery pull) and boot into download mode again

Q: Odin doesn’t seem to be doing anything!
A: Be patient, it can take awhile sometimes. I’ve also noticed if you try to flash something, and leave the phone plugged in and try to flash something else it won’t work. Unplug, then replug, then try flashing again

Q: Does this trip the flash counter?
A: No


source: RootzWiki

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  • ralphs

    I’ve seeded rooted.system.img tar but the tracker seems to have given up. Is there another tracker or two I can load? The bad one is udp:// (“connection failed”).