Next Train NYC app now available for Android

DLP Mobile has released an Android version of the Next Train NYC app, which gives you information about New York City subway schedules.  In addition to giving users real time updates about the trains, the Android app also features NYC trivia to help pass the time while you wait.  From the presser:

New York City, NY — Next Train NYC, the first of several train schedule apps planned for major cities by DLP Mobile (, is now available for phones that run
Android.  Previously, Next Train NYC only worked on the iPhone.

Next Train NYC displays an approximate countdown to when your train is scheduled to arrive at the nearest subway station.  Its accuracy is unrivaled, thanks to its complex thirty-day average stop-time algorithm.  The new app will work with any Android handset.

“We’re very proud of Next Train NYC, because we know how frustrating it can be to wait for a train without knowing how long you will be there.  We’re thrilled that Next Train NYC will help New Yorkers, as well as tourists, reduce the time they spend underground,” said Zak
Tanjeloff, founder of DLP Mobile.

Unlike similar apps, Next Train NYC works completely offline, so you can use the app underground on the platform.

The application costs $1.99, and can be brought up by scanning the QR image below, or by simply searching Next Train NYC in the Android Market.