Google Earth for Android now explores the oceans

Do you ever wish you could be Jacques Cousteau, but you’re terrified of water? Well thanks to the latest updated from Google Earth, you’ll be exploring the ocean floor in no time.:

“The latest version of Google Earth for Android also introduces the “Explore the Ocean” layer, which features hundreds of photos and videos from more than 100 contributors who are excited to share their stories of sea.

For those of you running Android 2.2, there are some more treats in store. Google Earth now supports Flash in balloons, so if you have the Flash player installed on your mobile device, you can watch videos right in the balloon. We’ve also made the program easier to navigate; for most devices, you can now use two fingers to “look around” and change your viewpoint, as an alternate to using the on-screen button. This makes it even easier to tilt your view to see mountainous landscapes or underwater canyons. Rotating your view with a simple twist of your fingers is now available on more devices as well.

Google Earth 1.1 is available now to all Android devices running Android 2.1+

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  • Andy Bee

    It really irritates me that I can not access google earth from the marketplace in the UK with my Desire running 2.1! I’ve never been able to access it and am told it is due to something that google have not opened up in the marketplace.

    Quite frustrating!

    • Michellef954

      i think it is dum 2

  • tomkyblik

    One general comment – would be nice to provide direct search link to market – when browsing from Android device it’s hard to scan the QR code.

  • Scott Young

    doh, I usually include a market link too!

    Link added

    • Michellef954

      ya me too but idk

  • Andy Bee

    Again, markrt link doesn’t work for users in the UK. Why is this and how can we contact google to get this rectified?

  • Dan

    Don’t work on my phone, it doesn’t appear in the market… :(

    Fuck you Samsung.

  • Scott Young

    what phone do you have?

  • Michellef954