Let The Modding Begin, Nexus 7 Factory JB 4.1 OS Image Released By Google

Google knows the importance of the factory OS image for Android power users and developers, plus it’s as a safe heaven in case any unforeseen issues arise. They have made it a policy to release the factory images for all Nexus devices, and the Nexus 7 has just joined the list in a very timely fashion, especially since the device has yet to see retail availability. Attendees of Google I/O last week received a special developer edition of the tablet along with other goodies in their gift bag.

The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS image can be used to return the device to stock should you brick the device when flashing ROMs or if you’re stuck in a boot loop from changing settings. It is also the best place for developers to begin making custom ROMs and tweaks to enhance the user experience. If you’re in need, the image is available for download now from the source link below.

Via Google