VLC Arrives For Android Devices… In Beta Form

Sure there are lots of options to play video content on your device, but one of the most popular programs is now available for Android devices— albeit in beta form. The official VLC app has just landed in the Play Store and is available now for those of you ready to watch all types of video formats. Sure the app may be a little bit on the slow side and kill your kitten or possibly start a mayan apocolypse, but hey— at least it’s available for Android 2.1+ devices worldwide. Hit the Play Store link for additional details.

Play Store


  • Rayprobg

    I cannot download this it says not available in my country, I am in the us and using an HTC EVO 4G LTE, I don’t know if this relates to the Google wallet issue but it’s not cool because I use vlc for playing all my video

  • RTWright

    Same, it says it’s not available in my country…. :