T-Mobile Galaxy Note Delayed once Again

The Samsung Galaxy Note phone/tablet released last year has been a big success even though most people in the tech community initially counted it out due to its large 5.3″ screen.  In the U.S. the note has only been available for AT&T even though it has been rumored to be released on all carriers, but the T-Mobile version is the only one with real photo evidence and FCC approval. The Note has had a number of rumored release dates with the most recent being July 11th. It looks like that date is no longer walid as a leaked roadmap now shows the retail date as August 8.

Its seems rather strange that T-Mobile would wait so long to release what has been a great selling device with over 7 million sold world wide.  The Note is still a great option with a large display and added stylus functionality. It will be interesting to see how it fares against the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One S already on T-Mobile. The Note is mentioned along with other upcoming Samsung devices the Apex Q witch is rumored to be a QWERTY rocking device that sports 720p display.  Tho other phone mentioned named Cacao is unknown at this point, but we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Is the Galaxy Note still one of the phones you have your eye on, or has the wait soured the whole thing?

source: pocketnow

  • Diordna11

    Maybe they will launch it with JB and that’s what is holding it up. Can’t imagine a device that old selling very well unless it has JB.

  • Lolo

    Jelly bean is due to be released July 15th…..they can still launch the Gnote on July 15th and that is only a 4 day delay. Truth of the matter is they will probably release it with gb.