Apple Wins Injunction Against Samsung, May Block Sales of Galaxy Nexus

Apple today won an injunction against Samsung that may see a ban on sales of the popular Galaxy Nexus phones.

The complaint is very similar to the one Apple lodged against HTC and subsequently won. This one is particularly painful for Android users however as the Nexus represents Google’s premier development device, and the only one (officially) running  Jelly Bean.

Samsung is ready to appeal so this isn’t over quite yet, but it doesn’t look good for Samsung at the moment.

source: FOSSPatents


  • SebaKL

    Last night, I was watching the WWDC 2012 and Google IO 2012 Keynote on youtube, and after going through all the new features of iOS6 and Jelly Bean, I can only conclude that suing way to success, it’s the the only way for Apple to survive such strong competition. It was quite embarrassing to watch apple, like watching little 5 year old Jamie, showing off her nice crayon drawing of her cat Whiskers, against NY Fine Arts graduate, and her impressionistic masterpiece. Very underwhelming apple’s presentation. Every single feature, from 3D maps, to Don’t Disturb, Notification and voice control… seen it before, seen it done better. Yawn….

    Google IO, 11min in to the keynotes, Hugo comes in and introduce Jelly Bean’s first feature, I was so amazed, that I couldn’t stop watching, and was hooked, looking at all the fantastic new feature after feature. Just mind blowing creativity. I certainly know what’s my next phone going to be. Forget the functionality, NEXUS even sound cooler!

  • So over it

    Apple in a downward spiral. Cant make a decent product.. so gets lawsuit happy.. Over it.

  • shane

    apple is jealous! So they sue! Fuk apples

  • apple sux

    regret to buy iphone1, 3gs and 4. ipad 1 and 2 and mac book air.
    but maybe you notice. no 4s, new ipad or new mac book air.
    cause apple sux.
    after all these apple shit. I have
    galaxy s2, galaxy note and now galaxy s3 soon with galaxy note 2.
    and my beloved sony vaio vpc-z11 ( £2700)

  • AndroidBaum