General Mobile’s DSTL1 Android Smartphone At Computex 2009

General Mobile’s DSTL1 Android smartphone has been spotted at the Computex 2009 show. The working prototype features a 3-inch touchscreen display, 5 mega-pixel camera (with auto-focus and flash) and 4GB of internal storage.

general mobile dstl

General Mobile have previously planned on a Q3 2009 launch, but have yet to make any official announcement. It is also not yet known whether the DSTL1 Android phone will make it to the US or Europe markets.

general mobile dstl1



  • Robert

    Is it just me or is the phone fugly?

  • Terrillo

    What cool phone!!! Who is the mobile seller?

  • anakin78z

    Looks pretty snazzy from the front, but kinda bulky from the side. Kinda wish the screen were just a bit bigger but overall looks pretty cool. I’m glad a lot of these new phones are including a decent amount of internal storage. I’m still struggling with the… what, 74mb(?!?!?) on the g1.

  • KC

    Mayba that Chinese person has really small hands!