Adobe Flash for Android to be Discontinued and No Longer Available with Jelly Bean

Adobe is getting serious about no longer supporting Flash for Android and mobile browsers in general, while continuing to develop for Adobe Air mobile apps. The Flash Team took to their blog today to announce that with the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, there will not be a certified Flash Player. In fact Adobe is taking it a step further and having the existing version removed from the Play Store on August 15. The current player supports Android 4.0 ICS in the default browser, however as Chrome is the new default browser in Jelly Bean, and does not support Flash, it is clearly on its way out.

If many of the sites you frequent use Flash and do not have an HTML 5 implementation, your best bet would be to download and keep a copy of the latest APK for future use. If you already have Flash installed on your device it will continue to function and receive critical bug fixes. If you plan to update your device to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Adobe goes as far as to say they recommend uninstalling the Flash Player, though it should work with any browser except Chrome.

How do you feel about Flash no longer being supported on mobile moving forward, has HTML 5 implementation gone far enough?

Source: Adobe’s Blog

  • StickyGeko

    I use flash extensively…. 1 reason i never went to apple…. Huge blow this….softened as long as other browsers still support it

  • Ogy Ego

    I agree with Sticky… Not good news at all :s

    I tottaly understand Adobe not being able to support every single android device out there but they should be able to focus on ‘premium’ devices only and therefore cut the development cost significantly. By premium devices I mean Nexus range, top of the range Samsungs and HTCs etc…

  • RTWright

    As far as I’m concerned, it shouldn’t be device dependent. It should be Browser dependent only. That’s the one thing Android needs to overcome, get away from proprietary design, it’s a lose lose for all. On the PC and even **cough** The Mac, it doesn’t matter only against the two machines ( Due to the OS more than likely ). Chrome/Firefox/Dolphin on any device should be able to use Flash regardless of the device manufacture.

    We need just Google making the OS and hardware manufactures making drivers for their own devices. We need to get our OS updates from Google, not Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, not HTC, not Samsung, Sony or any other of these companies. The OS update should be done through Google and Google only. The moment we get away from this stupid design in the devices, the better off we’re going to be.

    This would end the waiting on the hardware companies to come out with OS updates. Granted, we’d still be waiting on them to do their part in getting driver and radio updates, but I’m sure they could handle that. It’s how PC’s work now, it’s how Apple works, you download the updates straight from them. Windows, I don’t care what PC you use, updates from Microsoft ( Unless you’re using some kind of restricted access then it’s your IT people updating your OS and they again get what they need from MS or develop it themselves ).

    Lets face it, all TouchWiz, Sense and as well as the ones from Sony and various other manufactures, is a Launcher. Granted they’re custom built for their devices, but they’re nothing more than a fancy launcher and typically come with a lot of dead weight we don’t want ( Bloatware ). This would make it so people making things like Adobe’s Flash for browsers, would just be them making it for the browser.

    Granted it’s somewhat like that, but not quite. When you have them pulling support because of Android OS, then there is a design flaw in my opinion. A lot of people use Flash on websites, unless Google has a Flash plugin they’re going to start doing, those sites will not work well without it. As far as I’m concerned this is a bad move on Adobe’s part, because they’re doing good on Android with their apps they’ve come up with. So it’s not like they’re not getting any benefit from Android.

    We’ll just have to hope and see what happens in the future. :

    • trusktr

      You are right about the OS updates needing to come from the direct creator, but you are wrong about why Adobe is pulling Flash out. Adobe can no longer keep up with HTML5. HTML5 is the new way to go. Now flash developers can migrate to HTML5 and be one with web developers.. Try playing Cut The Rope and you’ll be convinced that HTML5 IS GIVING flash a run for it’s money. Sorry about CAPS.

      • Nomi

        But what about animation intros, cartoons etc html5 does not support

      • Mr Ross

        Did you make Cut The Rope? I didn’t google it but you mention it in every post on here…. No way can HTML5/JS beat Flash (today) on performance

  • trusktr

    After playing the game “Cut the Rope”, I am confident HTML5 can step up to replace flash entirely.

  • Echo Filigree

    I love HTML5. It’s easy to work with and it’s gorgeous to look at. I don’t think I’ll ever have a problem with missing flash support.

  • Mr Ross

    Just read your posts, I hope you’re trolling as you are wrong, javascript can’t even define classes properly… which is the basis for all good OO programming… which is the basis for good applications/software… JS in its current form in terms of programming is an absolute mess and horrible to work with.