Google+ SDK for Android and iOS Coming Along With a Handful of API’s

Google has made it clear during their I/O Keynote that they are all in on Google+ and are really trying hard to push it to consumers. They’ve shown the possibilities and features that Google+ can offer that no other social media network can. The biggest problem Google had was that there was no option for third party applications to integrate with Google+ such as what Facebook and Twitter have. Google has made that one step closer to reality today with the announcement of the upcoming Google+ API for Android and iOS. Supported out-of-the-box are Google+ sign-in, a share plug-in to share your app content to the G+ stream,  +1 button integration, Google+ history functions, and a personalization feature, which will allow developers to pull in public G+ content and use it in their app. This is a huge step for Google+ as this can really help to bring more users.

I truly feel that Google+ has so much potential, even the potential to overcome Facebook in the future. Google+ has the tools and features to become a social media giant if it’s given enough time and the right marketing. Any of our readers starting to use Google+ over Facebook? Or is Facebook just too hard to stop using considering everyone uses it? Let us know!

source: Google+ Developers

  • Timothy Owings

    I pretty much quit using Facebook when I was sent an invite for G+. I love the way it’s laid out vs Facebook. I hate the privacy issues, advertisements and the way Facebook is always changing settings that I should be changing (Facebook email). Google+ is the future.

  • Robert Boekee

    Although I prefer G+ all my friends are on facebook, which is ultimately what I use the service for. I think google made a huge mistake in keeping access restricted for so long… by the time a lot of people could get to it the excitement had died down! Hopefully they can rekindle some of that excitement over the next few months because I for one think it’s a better product!

  • Lorenzo Becchi

    G+ is cool, no doubt.
    G+ has all the geeky friends while Facebook still have all the non-geeks (and they are a lot).