Nexus Q Unboxing Video

Here’s another quick unboxing video from Google I/O. This time we show you Google’s social streaming media player, the Nexus Q. This is a simple and elegant device that you connect to speakers or directly to your receiver and is controlled by any Android device running the Nexus Q app. The “social” part comes in when you have multiple people with the app adding their own Google Play music or videos to the queue in real time at a party or gathering. Everyone can take turns being the DJ.

The Nexus Q is available for purchase from the Play Store for $299 and ships in 2 to 3 weeks. Hit the break to watch us unpack this magical sphere of wonder.

  • Mei

    Nice unboxing.

  • talk

    Was at a geeky party just recently several of us had SG2’s and the TV had DLNA. With the all share app we were able to do all this seems to offer without any need for additional hardware, nor network streaming ( as all the media was on the devices already) And no requirement to have a single vender for media.

    Looks like a solution in desperate need of a problem.