Google Drive SDK version 2 released, Now supports mobile apps for both Android and iOS

Google released a new API for Google Drive bringing it to version 2. It offers a simplified developer experience along with mobile app support for both Android and iOS. Mobile apps can now securely use the new API to read and write files directly to Google Drive. On the web users have the “Open with” option to view or edit, but now it comes to mobile phones and tablets in the same manner.

Drive apps for the web has new features too. Sharing is now available with the Drive sharing box that developers can add with a few lines of JavaScript. Users can also open Google document formats in any app that supports the many export formats. An example would be an app that faxes PDFs can now fax a Google document, spreadsheet, or presentation directly.

Last but not least they announced that new apps are coming. For example they are working on a mobile photo editor for cropping photos on your phone. Google Drive is still at its infancy so I’m excited to see what lies ahead.

source: google developers

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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