Bluestacks App Player Is On Its Way To Mac Computers

We’ve seen Bluestacks go from its subtle concept to a reality on PC computers. But what about those of us who happen to use Mac computers? And yes— many Android users do indeed use Mac computers, thank you very much. Well thankfully, the famed app player is finally making its way to Mac computers, albeit in a beta form. The software will be powered by Layercake Technology and will feature a nice bundle of apps from developer partners like HandyGames. CEO Rosen Sharma knows that the PC version of the App Play was easily a resounding success, but realizes its a significant deal being able to break through into Apple’s ecosystem as well— which would ultimately add to the program’s explosive growth.

There’s a developer sign-up page available now, so those of you developers out there interested in developing Mac-friendly apps will be able to finally go ahead and have your chance. But first, click on the break to check out the full press release from the company.


BlueStacks Opens Up Apple Ecosystem to Android Developers

Mac version of company’s “App Player” brings 400,000 Android Apps to Macs for the first time. Product goes live at Android & Mac “Wedding” launch event outside Google I/O.

San Francisco, Calif. – June 27, 2012 – BlueStacks today announced the release of the Mac version of an Android App Player in public alpha. The downloadable software, currently free of charge, was made available on the company’s homepage, The software is powered by BlueStacks’ patent-­‐pending LayercakeTM technology. The initial release features several apps from the company’s developer partners, such as HandyGames, Creative Mobile and Pulse, with the next release scheduled to expand things even more.

The company launched a PC version in March of this year that reached one million downloads in just nine days. “Our PC version took off a lot faster than we had planned for. People are spending a lot of time on their smartphones and want the same experience on all devices.” said BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma,” By bringing Android Apps to Mac we are breaking open the Apple ecosystem, which has traditionally been closed. Also, Android is struggling because of a lack of tablet applications. Developers now have an incentive to build hi-­‐res apps to work on the resolutions like retina displays on the new mac for example.”

“We love any new distribution channels that open up to us and this is a big one.” Said Andrew Zhang, CEO of popular app developer Droidhen, maker of the “Defender” series. “Mac users also spend more money – we’re excited to have our apps involved.”

“HandyGames has a history of trying new things and seeing what sticks,” said Markus Kassulke, CEO of HandyGames. “Working with BlueStacks on the PC version has gotten us a boatload of new discovery for Clouds & Sheep and our other apps. We’re looking forward to this next frontier.”
The launch event took place in a large wedding tent across from Moscone West, where the Google I/O conference is currently underway. The ceremony and demo was attended by Android developers from around the world. Developer partners of BlueStacks include HalfBrick, Evernote, Droidhen, COM2US and many others. The company posted a signup on their website for more developers who would like a Mac version of their app.


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