Sense 4.0 UI Successfully Booted On Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphone

Own a Samsung Galaxy S II, but hate TouchWiz and wish you could see HTC’s Sense UI on the device instead? Well great you’re in luck as there is an official sighting of Sense actually booting up on a Galaxy S II smartphone. The dev team Sense4All had their hands on the breakthrough project and successfully fired up Sense 4.0 on the smartphone. That’s right folks: not sense 3.0, not 3.5 and certainly not 3.6—- Sense 4.0! XDA reports it isn’t quite certain what works and what doesn’t work just yet… though it’s clear that data and phone service are not working just yet.

The good news is that the dev team involved is just scratching the surface of the project. Getting the smartphone to boot is among the hardest part of the project and from here it would be a matter of ironing out any additional bugs and whatnot. Naturally the ROM is only accessible from developers for now, though additional developers are welcome to chip in and help. Here’s hoping the team comes through and successfully gets this port functioning so the rest of us normal folk can try it out.

source: XDA

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