U.S. Marketing Campaign for the Galaxy S III launches

The Galaxy S III, Samsung’s flagship phone for the year, is ready as ever for its American debut. For the first time ever, Samsung’s Galaxy S line has uniformity within all of US carriers. This means every Galaxy S III in America will look the same and will actually have the same name. This means no more of that added Epic 4G Touch and Skyrocket discrepancies within the names. So you can bet that Samsung is ready to market this phone out like it has never before. This video from Samsung kicks off the start of this marketing campaign with Samsung proudly touting the multi-tasking king that is the “pop-up video” feature where the actor is texting and watching a video at the same time. Checkout the video and see for yourselves! Does this make you even more excited for its pending US release?


  • pez2404

    In 9 hours I will be texting nd watching a video at the same time!

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    The rest of the world had it last week.