T-Mobile and Sprint Already Overwhelmed with the Galaxy SIII Demand Quantities, Will Have Limited Quantities On Launch

A statement released by a Sprint representative via their website has informed us that they are running behind on a number of their Samsung Galaxy SIII pre-orders. While they are still optimistic that they can meet every one of their pre-orders on time, Sprint says there will be a chance that they could be a “day or two late.” Sprint’s 16GB version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII will be available for web sales and tele sales starting June 21, and will be available in stores the following week. Here is the full statement from Sprint:

Due to overwhelming demand and limited supply for Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S III, we are running a little behind on deliveries. The 16GB version of Samsung Galaxy S III device will be available in Web Sales and Telesales (1-800-SPRINT1) beginning on Thursday, June 21. It will be in all remaining sales channels next week.

We are optimistic that we’ll be shipping all Samsung Galaxy S III-16GB pre-orders this week and that they will be delivered by June 21 as anticipated. There is a chance, however, that we may be a day or two late. We anticipate shipping all Samsung Galaxy S III-32GB pre-orders next week. To check the status of your pre-order, please visit www.sprint.com/myorder.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate the patience of our customers as we work through this minor delay in availability. We know that many of you are eager to experience the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy series on the only network to provide unlimited data plans to new and existing customers. Should this situation change, we will continue to update this post as we have new information to share.

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Samsung Galaxy S® III 16GB

Samsung Galaxy S® III 32GB

As for T-Mobile, they’re going about this a little differently than Sprint. Rather than staying optimistic that they’ll meet the launch needs much like Sprint, thanks to TmoNews we’ve found out that T-Mobile plans to flat out tell customers that they do not have enough Galaxy SIII’s to meet launch needs. Thus, T-Mobile plans on launching their Galaxy SIII in “two phases” and will only be available in 29 selected markets on launch week starting June 21st. This is still a developing story regarding T-Mobile’s SIII launch, so stay tuned for further possible updates. Here is the statement obtained by TmoNews:

Samsung Galaxy S III Launch Update

To ensure customers receive the best possible experience, the Samsung Galaxy S III launch will now be broken into two phases. T-Mobile will still be the first carrier to offer the device in-store but the rollout will be in two phases instead of one.

Select Retail and Branded locations in the top 29 markets will launch as scheduled on June 21. In addition, a limited amount of Samsung Galaxy S III devices will be available on T-Mobile.com.

Due to the excitement surrounding the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III, customer demand will exceed the expected launch quantity available on June 21 T-Mobile anticipates the remaining Retail and Branded locations will launch on June 27. Stores that do not receive the initial distribution, and stores who sell out of their initial stock, should use the GSIII Call Back List and contact customers when the devices are available.

Pricing will be as follows:

$629.99 Full Retail, $229.99 down on Value Plans with $20 EIP, $279.99 Classic plan after $50 mail-in rebate (2 year contract required)

The top 29 markets are as follows:

  • LosAngeles,CA
  • Chicago,IL
  • Phoenix,AZ
  • Houston,TX
  • SanDiego,CA
  • NewYork,NY
  • Seattle,WA
  • Miami/Ft.Lauderdale,FL
  • Dallas/Ft.Worth,TX
  • SanFrancisco,CA
  • SaltLakeCity,UT
  • Denver,CO
  • Minneapolis,MN
  • Tampa/St.Petersburg,FL
  • Philadelphia,PA
  • SanAntonio,TX
  • Portland,OR
  • Austin,TX
  • Atlanta,GA
  • KansasCity,MO
  • Boston,MA
  • Sacramento,CA
  • Orlando,FL
  • Detroit,MI
  • WashingtonDC*
  • Cleveland,OH
  • Jacksonville,FL
  • Charlotte,NC
  • McAllen,TX

I fully expected the America launch of the Galaxy SIII to be huge and record breaking so it’s not that surprising to me that the needs are overwhelmingly exceeding the quantity at this point. While I can understand that T-Mobile customers will be more upset that it’s being launched in two phases and in limited markets, I do commend T-Mobile for being honest that they just can’t make the first weeks quantity needs. While Sprint is taking the side of optimism, it might backfire at them if they end up not being able to meet the needs of the pre-order customers, and the ones that will order beginning June 21st. The launch of the Galaxy SIII is indeed exciting and it will definitely be a challenge to be one of the first in America to get your hands on one regardless of what carrier you’re on. It’s still exciting nonetheless, right? What do you all think about how Sprint and T-Mobile are handling this massive phone launch thus far?

Thanks Mike!

source: Sprint, Tmonews

  • http://twitter.com/anjiecai anjiecai

    That’s bullshit. Tmobile didn’t even have a preorder, how would they know there’s an overwhelming demand

  • One1djack

    What about AT&T ?

  • Kerflop

    Just called Bestbuy about my preordered S3 Sprint phone… Currently on backorder, but no clue how long.  GRRRRRR

    • Mei

      On Sprint, the preorders for 16GB are being send out. It’s the 32GB version that has been the delay. Samsung did not ship the 32GB to Sprint. Sprint should get the 32GB version and ship it out next week.