Verizon Pushes Back the Galaxy S III Ship Date

Brutal! Guess what guys? Verizon just pushed back the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S III! Really, no joke. The original estimated ship date was July 9th and now it’s the… 10th. OK, not to bad, eh? I know, I just wanted to build up the suspense a little before I broke the news. Anyway, for whatever reason they decided to push the ship date back and aren’t telling us why. Either way it’s definitely gonna be here later than the AT&T and Sprint version so what’s an extra day anyway? There is always the remote possibility that pre-orders land on doorsteps across the nation a tad early, but until that happens you can just plan on the 10th for now. Sorry dudes.

source: Verizon
via: Droid Life


  • Maestrocaldwell3

    I ordered on the first day and I haven’t received an email saying the date changed for me. Perhaps pre-orders made after today will ship the tenth because Verizon maxed out the original batch of phones and had to get more? Just a guess.

    • Stacy Bruce

      I too preordered on the first day and haven’t received an email. I don’t think they are sending out emails, it is just listed as the 10th on their website now. Perhaps the first batch of pre-orders will ship on time? I dunno! I sure hope so!