Asus Transformer Pad Infinity gives the new iPad a beat-down in benchmark tests

Ritchies Room has taken a video of the two current hottest tablets on the market and uploaded the results to YouTube for our viewing pleasure. The results will likely surprise very few and upset very many. Apple and Asus top dogs were put through four sets of benchmarks in order to measure general performance, browser speeds, java scripting and graphics.

When it comes to processor and memory speed the Transformer wiped the floor with the iPad delivering a score that more than doubled that of Apple’s finest. In the battle of the browsers, Chrome on the Transformer is up to 50% faster than Safari on the iPad, another comprehensive win for the Asus. Javascripting performance is a closer run thing with the Transformer edging out the iPad and it was similarly close in Graphics performance with the iPad’s quad-core graphics chip ensuring the only win for the iPad.

For the full facts and figures you can check out the video below, just try not to look so smug when you show it to your iPad toting friends.


YouTube Preview Image

  • Kirk Chris Brown

    isnt it running at half the resolution of the iPad though??

    • Carson

      Pad Infinity – 1920×1200

      Ipad – 2048×1536

      Not at all half like current tablets … pretty close actually.

      • guest

        yea, I’ve seen them both in person and its hard to really tell the iPad is better. I can’t wait for the Infinity to come out in July : D

        • Nicholas Costa Lima

          ipad have 3.1 million pixels while the transformer have 2.3 million, its quiet a diference

    • sjsj

      Absolutely not, the whole fuzz about the Transformer Pad Infinity is that it’s one of the first FullHD android tablets and has a quad-core processor…

  • eduardo

    asus transformer infinity,,, release date?

  • andy

    Video is private, can’t see it!

  • Ray Cliff

    Private Video?? WTF