HTC Denied Chance To Use Google Patents Against Apple

Last year, HTC “borrowed” patents from Google in order to go on the offensive with Apple. Of course, Apple filed a motion against the use of these patents, and now Administrative Law Judge Thomas Pender has granted Apple that motion. Pender ruled that HTC cannot use the patents since they failed to properly acquire all the necessary rights.

If this decision remains after the inevitable appeal by HTC, it effectively cuts HTC’s legal arsenal by more than half, leaving only three of the original eight patents they can use in the ITC dispute against Apple.

Not great news for HTC.

source: foss patents
via: engadget

  • Mobile Phones Fan

    Don’t believe everything you read on Florian Mueller’s blog. In fact, you can safely discount maybe 35% of it.

    As to the remaining 65%, take that with a grain of salt.