New versions of VR Tunnel live wallpaper added to Android Market

VR Tunnel

We posted a while back about a great live wallpaper called VR Tunnel, which sends objects floating towards the screen down a tunnel which can be manipulated by moving your phone.  We were contacted by the developer to let us know they have pulled the old version in place of two new ones: one paid, and one free.

The free version is limited to three colors and reduced settings, whereas the full version has it all for only 99 cents.  Check out Market links for both versions below (note: you MUST have at least Android 2.1 to use these wallpapers).

QR VR Tunnel Max

VR Tunnel Max

QR Code VR Tunnel lite

VR Tunnel lite

[via Kevin at MaxByte Studio]

  • curse

    I saw the update on market yesterday, now they even say on the marketpage that you need 2.1 or above to use live wallpapers. So now I know why I could’t get it to work.

    It would be very nice if YOU who review apps here could say what minimum Android version and if it’s a pay app(was searching for some translate app once that was reviewed here, it was a pay app, we don’t have pay apps in Sweden).

  • Tyler Cunningham

    A good point, I went ahead and added the Android version requirement. For the record, though, the price was included. Thank you for the comment! Cheers.

  • Stefing

    NO live wallpapers worked before 2.1 – it’s part of Android.

  • Aptek Systems, Inc

    I arrived here from a yahoo query – great job!