Facebook Wants To Recommend More Than Just Friends, Introduces New App Center


As Facebook continues to evolve as a social networking platform, so does its services offered to all users. You already know that Facebook knows anything and everything about you when it comes to friends and families, so now it’s turned its attention to your friends and families with smartphones and their apps by introducing the App Center. Basically— the App Center will identify users’ existing apps of your Facebook contacts and recommend similar apps for users to use. The App Center is by no means small either— it’s expected to launch with over 500 apps between web, iOS and Android users, while also providing users with nothing but “high-quality” apps.

The App Center will be built-in to the iOS and Android apps in addition to the main Facebook website. Once users see an app they may like, Facebook will have a “send to mobile” feature to get content on a device and when installation is required, users will get a link to the Play Store for download. You folks excited about Facebook getting to know you even better than it already does?

source: Facebook