Latest Sony SmartWatch Updates Causing Significant Issues With Devices Including Complete Malfunction


Software updates are generally greeted with open arms for owners of various devices. But occasionally, there are updates that are released that owners may want to ignore… which may be for owners’ good. Such is the case with recent software update for the Sony SmartWatch. Apparently owners of the device who recently updated the required application in order to operate the watch has experienced everything from random disconnects to minor functions not working as seen in the below examples:

As of now, there are two specific software versions that are identified to likely have caused the issues. Version 1.2.33 has caused SmartWatches to be completely bricked— as in they are completely non-functional. Shortly after it was found that version affected devices, version 1.2.34 was released, though while it keeps the device functional– it’s not without its gaffes either as highlighted in the above screenshot. It looks as if most owners haven’t been affected just yet, so if you own the watch, you will want to hold off on updating the watch until Sony releases a statement highlighting the various issues have indeed been corrected or that a new and thorough update is on the way.

Let’s hope Sony does one or the other soon. Otherwise they’re going to have an ugly blemish on its otherwise impressive year so far.

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source: XDA