Nyko and NVIDIA announce new Tegra-optimized gaming controllers for Android devices

One segment that I see a lot of growth in over the next year is gaming controllers for tablets and smartphones. I think a lot of consumers just don’t understand that they can actually use one, and sometimes it can be complicated to get certain controllers working with rooting and all that good stuff that leaves mainstream consumers in the dust. NVIDIA has been touting console-like experiences with Tegra games and in order for that to happen game controllers need to become more mainstream.

Well NVIDIA has teamed up with gaming peripheral manufacturer, Nyko Technologies. They just announced two new controllers, the PlayPad Pro and PlayPad. These controllers are optimized for NVIDIA’s Tegra mobile chips including the mighty Tegra 3 quad-core. By working with NVIDIA, Nyko can ensure both controllers will be compatible with games in the TegraZone.

The best part of the PlayPad Pro and PlayPad is that no rooting is required, they will work right out of the box. They are compatible with all Android 3.0 and above devices via Bluetooth. As much as we love TegraZone games, there are a lot of other games out there that you might want to utilize the controllers with, so Nyko is introducing an Android app called Playground. This app provides support for older game that aren’t optimized for Tegra devices. Of course these games need to have keyboard mapping, touch mapping, and mouse support.

What’s the difference between the two controllers? The PlayPlad Pro (pictured above) is a full-sized controller, includes dual-analog sticks, a D-pad, face buttons, and shoulder triggers. The regular PlayPad (pictured below) is a mini version that supposedly includes a collapsible tablet stand, and a carrying case. Not sure why the Pro version wouldn’t include the stand and the case

There is some bad news. We won’t see these bad boys until the Fall. Stay tuned because we will let you know more as soon as we get our hands on one.

source: Nyko – PlayPad Pro or PlayPad
via: pocketgamer


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