NVIDIA Gives More Details Of Its Upcoming KAI For Budget-Friendly Tablets

It’s no secret that NVIDIA (and Android fanatics in general) are eager and excited about its upcoming KAI platform for tablets. We saw as recently as a few weeks ago how NVIDIA envisioned bringing premium quality to tablets for modest and reasonable prices, yet NVIDIA was rather vague and general about the concept and its intentions for Android consumers. That’s why it took the time to expand on the basic premise of what KAI is and why it will be important for any and all Android users. To begin, NVIDIA makes it completely clear that it’s not easy to bring a budget tablet device to the marketplace:

“The truth is, it’s incredibly difficult to manufacture a low-cost tablet at all, even with a compromised experience – one marked by poor performance, previous-gen display capabilities, mediocre battery life, discouraging touchscreen responsiveness, lack of apps, and low-quality build. Building one that’s satisfying and profitable is a whole other matter”.

That very reason is the basis of the KAI platform. NVIDIA got to thinking and wondered if it’s possible to bring its high-performing Tegra 3 chip, while keeping costs as low as possible for tablet devices. Well NVIDIA researchers found a way to bring its Tegra 3 technology for budget friendly tablets. In essence, the Tegra 3 is the “blueprint providing the basis for future low-cost tablets with a premium experience that consumers will be able to buy” for KAI-based budget tablets. That means that eventually, users will be able to use the Tegra 3 quad-core mobile processor (and its 4-PLUS-1 architecture and battery-saver core) in a variety of options and configurations such as NVIDIA’s own reference unit— which is a modest 7-inch tablet. NVIDIA also confirms that KAI technology will be found in many resolutions and sizes of Android tablets.

NVIDIA doesn’t have much more for the Android community for now, but urges everyone to “stay tuned” to see what it and partner manufacturers are cooking up their sleeves. Looks like it will soon be time to finally splurge on a budget-friendly tablet device, right?

source: NVIDIA blog

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