Verizon’s Viewdini video streaming application available now

We’re fast approaching a time where physical storage for your favourite movie or latest album will be a distant memory, cassettes and records have already been confined to the museums and CD’s and DVD’s are sure to follow before long . My 3 year old daughter already thinks it’s absurd to have to dig a DVD out of the collection and load into the player as opposed to simply clicking a button and waiting for your content to play.

The challenge we have now is that a lot of the video providers each have exclusive content. You can’t quite remember whether season 3 of Breaking Bad was on Netflix or Hulu and you find yourself launching them all until you find where it is. Thankfully it looks like Verizon has recognised this problem and is offering up a solution.

Viewdini by Verizon aims to be one-stop shop for 4G LTE customers that searches through the libraries of popular streaming services such as Netflix, Comcast XFINITY, Hulu Plus, mSpot etc. The service will find your content and bring up information such as reviews, availability, where you can watch and whether or not it will cost you to do so.  The app doesn’t stream the content directly, it simply directs you to the service that holds the content.

It may be just a touch ironic that Verizon has launched a service that essentially makes it easier to engage in one of the most data-hungry activities possible right around the time they’re in the news for bandwidth cap complaints. All that aside, this is a handy little app that’s sure to make your life a little easier and that’s always a good thing, click the link below to grab it right away!


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