Further confirmation shows the Galaxy S III arriving in the US on June 20th

We already reported that there is a good possibility that T-Mobile might have the Samsung Galaxy S III in stores on June 20, and we just received further confirmation. During a live stream of the Vodafone GSIII launch in Australia, June 20th was mentioned as the “first stop in its nationwide US tour in New York.” Not sure why New York would specifically be mentioned other than it could mean that it will get unveiled on that date in NYC (and not officially released).

With Canada also getting the GSIII on the same day, it looks like it could be a special day for all of North America especially if the U.S. version gets 2GB of RAM just like our friends up North are getting.

source: phandroid



  • Nutzrivera

    Im getting freaking tired of possibles of this darn phone coming to the states, samsung sucks “a$$” we just want the darn phone ,give us the darn phone Samsung!!!!

  • Dad2nji

    I hope it is coming I will be getting that phone