Android and Chrome OS are separate for now but will slowly converge

TechRadar recently sat down with Google’s Vice President of Engineering, Linus Upson, and he said that the company isn’t working on a Chrome OS tablet, but you can expect to see a slow convergence with the Android OS.

“We have our hands full in delivering a wonderful experience on dektop and laptop and the Android team have their hands full bringing a great experience on phone and tablet. But the two teams are working together even more closely,” said Upson.

Although there will be a slow convergence, he still believes different devices require a different OS. It just can’t be the same for all devices. Microsoft failed at this and Apple continues to support Mac OS and iOS. He went on to say, “Apple doesn’t try to smash the two together and we’re not trying to do it, but in time there will be a seamless user experience across all the devices.”

With Chrome already available for Android (ICS) devices, the convergence has already begun. So we can expect to see more things like this but they will be subtle and eventually sometime many moons from now, they will be one in the same.

source: techradar


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