Google Places Is No More, Google+ Adds Zagat Rankings And Is Now Called “Google+ Local” (Video)

If you were wondering what Google was going to do with the newly acquired Zagat, just check out your Google+ page.  The search giant has added a little kick to Maps and to your general search functions on the site.  You’ll now find Zagat’s point system in place and will automatically pop up in search results when looking for your favorite resaurant or hot spot.  And if you’ve always been weary about who’s leaving feedback on these places, fear not. The site will now allow you to view Google+ friends’ favorite places and what they’ve had to say about them, certainly a review you can trust, right?  Google has even added a Local tab on Google+ to show you recommendations.  So, if you need to find the hottest spot around, your favorite sandwich or a sushi place, you’re in for a treat with Google’s new service.  The feature is now live so head on over to your Plus page and get started. Check out the videos below as well touting the new service.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.  

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


  • Gareth Baker

    Hi guys, brilliant update. I notice on my Google Local page they have
    listings for all kinds of local restaurants, guesthouses, cafe’s,
    coffeeshops and even bridal shops. How do they decide what business
    types get listed? Can I get my web design business listed right on the
    first page?

  • Milecore Technologies

    Great information shared here about Google places. It is really updated and there are many changes happened in it.