Google receives patent for ‘augmenting a field of view’ for Project Glass

Google Glasses or Project Glass might just be the most anticipated new technology at the moment.  We’ve reported on a few patents that are related to it, and the latest one (filed March 14, 2011) involves augmenting a field of view. What does this mean you ask? Well Google realizes the field of view for a human is 180 degrees. Not only that the human brain is unable or at least most of the time isn’t able to process all objects (and features) within this view. This means that when looking at monuments, buildings, or other objects, a person could miss out on other objects that could be of interest. This goes for both what is in the person’s field of view and of course outside their field of view, and therefore, this is what augmenting a field of view represents.

The below image represents:

The device 500 comprises two horizontal arrays of visual indicators, one above and one below the lenses. Within each array, the device 500 may illuminate a visual indicator that indicates the relative spatial location of the building 502. For example, visual indicators 504a and 504b may be illuminated, as shown. Each of visual indicators 504a and 504b is located in a center-right portion of its respective array, thereby indicating to a user of the device 500 the relative spatial location of the building 502 to the center-right of the user. 

source: USPTO
via: engadget



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