NVIDIA expects 30 phones to sport the Tegra 3 in 2012, teases LTE compatibility with upcoming Grey SoC

NVIDIA is looking to capitalize on the success of the Tegra 2 chipset from last year. There were 15 smartphones that sported it, and this year’s Tegra 3 will be on 30 according to NVIDIA GM Mike Rayfield who spoke at their annual investor meeting yesterday. He also emphasized that most of these phones will be cheaper as in 13 of them have a transfer price (not retail price) of under $300 as compared to zero last year.

The problem that has been a thorn in NVIDIA’s side has been LTE compatibility. It was the reason for the delay of the DROID Bionic last year. Yes nobody will admit it, but I firmly believe it. This issue has helped Texas Instruments, whom Motorola went to, and certain Qualcomm, who both Samsung and HTC went to for U.S. releases. Well the good news is they are making progress. They announced that its first LTE modem, the Icera 410, has been certified for AT&T’s LTE network which we reported yesterday. They also introduced its successor, the Icera 500. They didn’t give much details about the 500, but they did say it would be paired with the upcoming “Grey” processor. The Grey SoC won’t show up until next year, but the Icera 410 will arrive later this year. I’m thinking the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 that just hit the FCC with AT&T LTE radios on board.

source: theverge




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