Updated Google+ App Gets a Visual Make Over and Makes Hangouts Easier to Launch

While I may not post much on Google+ I do use the app on a daily basis. It keeps me checked in to the various Android happenings (like TalkAndroid) out there as well as my close friends who only use that network. However the kicker is, while the app is useful it just feels there and not really too polished. But all that has changed as the new Google+ experience has hit Android. Here’s what you’ll see in the new update:


  • – Visual refresh of the stream and improved navigation
  • – Initiate a Hangout from the main menu
  • – Support for ringing hangout notification
  • – Support for post editing
  • – Messenger suggestions for people you may know
  • – Download photos from posts or Messenger conversations

If you’re interested in picking this up we have the QR Code and Google Play Store link after the break. I like the idea of easily being able to access hangout and having Google+ look more natural to the ICS environment. If you haven’t already done so, hit the links below. Enjoy!

Google Play Store – Link

About the Author: Jack Holt

Jack is a tech enthusiast who is surviving small-town Wyoming. He's a newspaper editor by trade and a blogger for fun. His phone of choice is the Galaxy Note 4 and when he's not tinkering on that, he can be found researching new tech and wondering if his wallet can sustain a new tech purchase. When he's not in front of a computer, he's out in the mountains with his dog exploring the wilderness.

  • SebaKL

    When I first saw g+, I thought it was really sad attempt at social network, vividly reminding me on the short lived hype of Friendster, and the like… But now, it seem to be really growing on me. Top that with great integration of all the G services, makes me love it more and more each day. 
    Facebook start to look now, like the retarded little cousin of google plus.