Samsung Releases Galaxy Note ICS Source Code, Custom ROMs in Tow

If you thought the Galaxy Note was nice all on its own, wait until the development community conjures up a few custom ROMs for the kit. Samsung just released the device’s source code so that is exactly what is going to happen, and I imagine the first few ROMs and kernels will pop up in only a matter of days, if not tonight. Based off of the international version of the note, the source code will provide developers all the stuff they need to build a custom ROM and even an overclocked custom kernel. Ultimately this means getting rid of unneeded software and adding performance tweaks and features that generally provides a more awesome experience. Not to say the the Galaxy Note experience isn’t awesome on its own, this will just give you rooted users something more to look forward to.

If you are the developer type, or are simply just curious, hit up the source link below to see what the GNote is made of.

source: Samsung
via: XDA

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    The hell!? ICS is not even out yet, and they are releasing the source?! 
    WTF SAMSUNG!!!!???