Global roaming option all but confirmed in DROID RAZR ICS update

A few days back we had reported that certain Verizon handsets could possibly gain the ability to travel abroad with the new ICS update soon to be released. Now, we have a screenshot from a leaked ICS build for the DROID RAZR that displays the option to go global. I think it might be safe to assume this news can now be removed from the rumor pile. I’m sure there are many RAZR owners that would make use of this welcome addition along with the many other improvements that will come with ICS. This feature couldn’t have come at a better time with summer vacation season right at our doorstep so be sure keep a lookout for ICS and happy travels!

source: droidlife

  • Zlo

     If Motorola FIX WiFi issue. Only then can expect the trust of customers. For now, I do not fall on sexy Moto advertisements. I got xt910 look good but trust me its just look like that. For the 5000 Swedish krona or 500 euro its expensive brick to have.

  • Zlo

    Erase previous comment plz its a wrong section .Sorry