Delaware Court Says Enough Fighting! Orders Apple And HTC To Discuss Lawsuit Settlement On August 28th

It looks as if the courts are fed up with the squabbling between Android manufacturers and Apple. The U.S. District of Delaware ordered HTC and Apple to meet face to face with the goal of discussing a potential settlement for the long-standing patent infringment suits— which of course has a direct effect on certain anticipated smartphones being released as of right now. Reports indicate the representatives who go to the mediation sessions must be able to make independent decisions, though it’s unclear if the CEOs for both companies will also attend as they are for similar hug it out mediations between Samsung and Apple. The meeting has been confirmed on August 28th and will be mediated by Magistrate Judge Sherry R. Fallon.

Let’s hope this meeting will be the beginning of the end of the silly spats we see between Apple vs. the World already. We know HTC is already trying to appease Apple already for its upcoming phones.

source: Court Order (PDF)
via: The Verge