AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD Canceled

Remember the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD that AT&T announced at CES early this year? Well, if you were waiting for it, don’t hold your breath. According to Samsung’s Ryan Bidan, plans for releasing this LTE device have been scrapped. Bidan told The Verge that it didn’t make sense to release the 720p version of the S II due to the imminent release of Samsung’s latest Galaxy S III.

Does that mean the S III is coming to AT&T? Bidan would only say that it will be coming to “the fastest HSPA+ and LTE networks” in the country. Ok, so T-Mobile and either Verizon or AT&T. It’s a good bet that AT&T will get it since it was planning on carrying the S II. We’ve also seen evidence of a Sprint version.

If it’s like previous Galaxy phones, it will pretty much be available on most, if not all major U.S. carriers, and Samsung already said it will come to the U.S. in June. Bets on who gets it first?

source: the verge


About the Author: Ed Caggiani

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  • nory826

    look, I understand AT&T has maybe the fastest LTE network right now, but don’t they know they don’t have the fastest hspa+ network? That title belongs to T-Mobile by a land slide, so an AT&t rep stating otherwise is false advertisement. Lol either way back on topic… It would be really nice if it hit all US carriers at the same time, or even a couple days apart. I know I’m dreaming , but it would be nice ;) I’ll be waiting to see it land on T-Mobile,and hopefully (but most likely not) it will come intact with the exynos quadcore processor!