Watch as the ASUS Padfone Gets its First Unboxing Video

I am not sure if you remember the ASUS Padfone, but it has been ‘in the making’ for an awful long time now. Initially announced over a year ago, we got a quick glimpse at the new revamped version of the kit at this year’s CTIA conference in Las Vegas and then again at MWC in Barcelona. Finally about to launch soon, our friends over at NetbookNews go their hands on the phone-tablet-dock combo a little early and decided to film an unboxing video for the whole world to enjoy. Jump past the break to see the whole kit and caboodle for yourself. It’s pretty sweet! Too bad it’s so damn expensive

source: NetbookNews




    Wow, that thing is nice, the phone isn’t bad either, good job asus.

  • Motorola Atrix forum

    It’s strange that the dock, screen+keyboard, is so thick. My Atrix lapdock is extremely thin yet feels very solid.