Hands on with 10n2 Technologies BIZ Protect and One Protect for preventing drivers from using their smartphone [Video]

I spent some time with 10n2 Technologies here at CTIA, and they have a couple of unique apps for smartphone driver safety. Both apps are actually the same. BIZ protect is for the enterprise and is available now while One Connect is for consumers and is coming soon. What they do is prevent texting, emailing, and browsing (or other apps) of smartphones while driving. It uses the GPS to tell if you’re over the 12 mph threshold. If you are, you will be prompted to answer whether you’re a driver or a passenger. Of course, if you’re the driver, you won’t be able to use any of the apps set by the administrator. Now if you’re thinking that you could just reply that you’re the passenger, that won’t work. There’s a special Attention Verification Test (AVT) that you will have to go through to prove you are indeed a passenger. It’s pretty slick. It even gives the admin the option to prevent phone calls while driving unless you’re connected to Bluetooth.

Everything is time stamped so if you were to get into an accident, you could prove to the insurance company that there was no way you were texting while driving since every time you go over 12 mph, there will be a record. Also, if users try to remove the application, the administrator will be notified.

There are other apps out there, but this one really seems to be the best one in terms of usability and features. It makes perfect sense for companies that have drivers on the road and parents with kids that are driving. Texting while driving is three times more dangerous than drunk driving so this is a major problem. I have to be honest, I’ve been known to play with my phone while driving so I will be giving it a try.

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