Amazon UK Offering Pre-Orders For Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB

And so it’s begun!  Amazon UK is now offering up the opportunity to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB model for £499.95 ($806.67) over at their website.  Looks like our fellow UK’ers will be among the first to snatch the Pebble Blue or Marble White device and have it in hand by or after the releae date, May 30th.  And since Vodafone at this time has exclusivity on the 32 gig model, it’s highly unlikely that UK’ers will be able to grab this model any time soon.  But remember, Sammy has already mentioned that a number of US carriers will be seeing the device “this summer” so hang in there readers.  And don’t forget to sign up over at Sammy’s website to receive updates on the device and any other activity regarding the new handset.

source: Amazon UK

  • Motorola Atrix forum

    Hopefully it will be cheaper when it actually comes to the US.