Various Canadian Carriers And Retailers Make Announcements to Release Galaxy S III “This Summer”

If you live in Canada and are chomping at the bit to get your hands on the Galaxy S III after its announcement then this is the post for you. From what it appears most mobile carriers are looking to get in on the S III action and have gone as far as giving confirmation for this much anticipated device. So far the ever growing list includes, Bell, Rogers, TELUS, WIND Mobile, Videotron, Sasktel, Virgin Mobile as well as others.

All of the announcements make it appear that carriers are gearing for the slated summer launch of the device. Some are short and straight to the point while others give praise to the Samsung Device. So without any more hesitation hit the break below to check out each of the announcements made by the various Canadian Carriers.

“The new Samsung Galaxy S III superphone. Coming soon.”

“Mobilicity is excited to be working with Samsung on the Canadian launch of the Galaxy S III smartphone. It’s a state-of-art device that’s sure to take user performance to smart new heights, made affordable on our unlimited talk, text and data network.”

“Rogers is pleased to confirm we’ll be carrying the new Galaxy S III device from Samsung which will be coming to Canada this summer.”

“SaskTel is excited to add the Samsung Galaxy S III to our upcoming line-up of innovative smartphones. As technology evolves, SaskTel remains committed to offering our customers feature rich devices such as the Galaxy S III to optimize their user experience on our world-class network.”

“TELUS and Samsung Canada today announced that the Samsung Galaxy S III will be arriving on TELUS’ 4G LTE network in time for the summer.”


“Videotron is excited to offer its customers this exceptional device and expand its portfolio through the arrival of a phone as a high quality”

Virgin Mobile:

“We’re seeing stars with this latest Galaxy device and are excited to bring it to our Members. This is the perfect pick for Virgin Mobile’s first LTE smartphone and offers Members all the power they need right at their fingertips.”

WIND Mobile:
“WIND is excited about being part of the Canadian launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III this summer. This advanced device aligns perfectly with our initiative of introducing hot new handsets to customers each month and with our truly unlimited plans customers will be able to experience the device to its full capabilities.”

As for retailers:

Best Buy:
“The Samsung Galaxy S III will be available at all Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores when it arrives in Canada!”

Future Shop:
“Just a quick heads up Future Shop will be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S III at launch.”

“We are pleased to announce the launch of this much-anticipated handset in all GLENTEL stores this summer”

So there it is. If you are in Canada you should be jumping for joy. While there isn’t confirmation as to when the device will be released exactly you can rest assured knowing that when it does, it will be coming to your favorite carrier or retailer. While the U.S. has an S III sign up page we have yet to see any official announcements made for our neck of the woods. Here’s hoping that it’ll be soon.

source: CNW
via: mobilesyrup

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