Android users are now the new data hogs

Move over iPhone users. We are now the new data hogs! It has been long said that iPhone users were nothing but data hogs and constantly constrained AT&T’s network, but now… Android takes away that title. Android is now the talk of data. Android users are the ones who could be pushing carriers to their limits by watching the majority of their videos via 3G rather than WiFi, this according to research done by Rhythm Network.

Around 72 percent of mobile video that is viewed on Android devices happen over the carrier networks and just 28 percent over WiFi. There is a significant gap between video watched between iPhone and Android users on these two networks. Research shows that iPhone users viewed 56 percent of their mobile video over 3G compared to 44 percent over WiFi.

If networks feel constrained now, imagine a year from today. With new and more powerful smartphones being released almost every week or month, expect carriers to crack down on consumers data usage. We have already seen the results of network strain within AT&T, as they have recently bogged down on their data plans. We can make a note that one reason why iPhone users use less 3G over Android users could be because of AT&T’s restrictions and the thought of limiting data even before the release of their new plans.

Currently, Android is outselling iOS and Blackberry devices, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Verizon, Sprint, and other network carriers limit their data in some form or fashion.

The research shows that mobile video viewing times have increased as well. There are more users watching full episodes of TV content, increasing 20 percent quarter-over-quarter. The resarch shows that after starting a full-length episode, 26.5 percent of users watched the whole episode on their mobile devices, and 41 percent watched at least half the episode.

I guess being on top in this case isn’t so much of a good thing. If networks follow in the path of AT&T and restrict our data, I will say it now: It was fun while it lasted.

[via newteevee]

  • M

    In the 2 years I had my iPhone 3G, I got MAYBE half a dozen video to load via 3G. Consequently, any time I wanted to watch a video I had to do it via WiFi. Now that I have switched carriers/to an android, I actually CAN watch videos via 3G.

  • Sean Brantley

    @M , That is because when AT&T first started the process of limiting their data, they restricted the video-heavy applications and video itself to WiFi use only.

    When I had my 3GS, I was angered at this because WiFi at my college limits you to what you can and cannot view. In the end, I was still limited as far as video goes. I jumped ship and went to Android- Nexus One and boy am I beyond satisfied.

  • ari-free

    Android phones have bigger screens and that leads to more videos being watched. Data usage will skyrocket after Flash. Carriers will have to adapt just like ISP’s did because they won’t be able to get away with restrictions for long.

  • Sean Brantley

    The problem is that network carriers are falling behind that of the smart-phone boom. It seems as if they are playing catchup by trying to beef up their networks.

    A good example of networks playing catchup is the fact that AT&T may lose exclusive rights with the iPhone and may acquire much more Android based devices. If rumors hold true and the iPhone goes to Verizon, they too will have to climb the steps just to be on even grounds between new smart-phone technology and their network capabilities.

    This will add to AT&T’s network strain. Numbers show Android as the top selling OS and without exclusive rights to the iPhone, AT&T will need to acquire more competitive devices, Android devices. =)