Verizon Pushing Android Phones Over iPhone

Seems like Verizon is pushing potential customers into getting Android phones instead of iPhones. On the surface, this sounds great for Android. Verizon must love Android if they keep pushing it in favor of Apple’s handset. But the folks at CNNMoney have uncovered something interesting. It’s not that Verizon necessarily prefers Android. It’s that they need to push people into using their 4G LTE network and off of their heavily trafficked and clogged up 3G network.

Last year, Big Red started offering Double Data Deals for 4G users in an attempt to shift more users in that direction. Since the iPhone does not support 4G LTE and only runs on Verizon’s 3G network, and many iPhone users tend to not want to switch to Android, Verizon is seeing their 3G network usage remain relatively high.

CNNMoney reporter David Goldman decided to do a little experiment. He contacted 10 Verizon sales reps from around the New York area to ask about options for a new smartphone. In all 10 conversations, each Verizon rep steered him toward a 4G-capable Droid Razr Maxx, Droid Razr, or LG Lucid smartphone. When asked if those phones were better than the iPhone, the reps would state that they were because the iPhone would only run on their much slower 3G network. One rep said that “The iPhone is a great phone, but it’s on 3G. I’m not going to recommend a phone that’s outdated.”

Another rep had this to say:

“The only drawback to the iPhone is it doesn’t have 4G, and Verizon is really pushing 4G. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone is a great phone. It just costs the company a lot of money for returns when customers find out that a faster 4G network is available and the iPhone’s only on 3G.”

As a control to his test, David asked half of the reps he contacted that he wanted an iPhone. None of them tried to talk him out of it until he asked if there was a better phone available.

If that’s what you want, absolutely we’ll order it,” one rep told him. “But my recommendation is 4G. I’d want the fastest, best technology that’s not going to be outdated when I buy it.”

When asked directly, Verizon spokesman Tom Pica said the following in a written statement:

Our sales force’s mission is to ensure customers are familiar with our product line and to match the customer with the right device to best meet their needs. At the end of the day, our goal is that every customer is delighted with the device that they have chosen.

The bottom line is that it seems like Verizon is trying to ease the congestion of their 3G network by pushing customers to their much speedier and roomier 4G LTE network. And the only way they can do that right now is by pushing their only 4G-enabled devices… which all happen to run Android. Let’s see what their tune is if the iPhone 5 is released with LTE support.

source: cnnmoney

About the Author: Ed Caggiani

Originally from the East Coast, Ed now makes his home in San Jose, California. His passion for technology started with his first ColecoVision and Atari gaming systems, and has grown stronger through Tandy computers, IBM clones, Palm Pilots, and PocketPCs. Ed's love for Android began with his first HTC Hero, then blossomed with the original Evo 4G, and now the Evo 3D and Motorola Xoom. He graduated from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Communications, and is now a professional User Experience Designer working in Silicon Valley. In his spare time, Ed enjoys video games, jamming on guitar, and spending time with his wife, two cats, and Logitech Revue.

  • bernard

    This wouldn’t be a story if Verzion did this to android. I was talking to a ifan over the weekend and he was saying 4g isn’t nothing. That 4g and 3g is the same. That you can get the same speed over 3g that you can get with 4g network. 

    • Guest

      > That 4g and 3g is the same.

      Same?  Huh?  Wow are you missing things.

      > That you can get the same speed over 3g that you can get with 4g network.

      I personally get over 10 *TIMES* greater speeds.  You are really getting 1mb/s with your 4g connections????   I’d switch carriers, if I were you.

    • Velopirate

      Really?  AT&T’s marketing has a lot to do with that misperception.  If someone would say that to me, I would show them my Speed Test results.

      • bernard

         I did show him my speed test and told me he could get the same with the iphone. Which is a lie. 3g cant get 4g speed that is a fact. If 3g was the same as 4g why come out with a 4g  network. He was a IFAN that didnt want to admit the truth.

  • Guest

    We are not pushing Android phones instead of iPhones.  We are push 4G phones (any/all) instead of 3G phones (any/all).

    It is Apple that decided to make all its phones non-LTE, not us.

  • Guest

    > Let’s see what their tune is if the iPhone 5 is released with LTE support.


    You really think Apple will wait until iPhone 6 for their FIRST LTE phone?  (October 2013)

    (TalkAndroid is really in the dark.)

  • Velopirate

    What a non-story.