HTC Gives Statement On AT&T Locking The One X’s Bootloader, Tells Customers To Blame AT&T, Not HTC

AT&T’s decision to lock the bootloader of its HTC One X smartphone has definitely upset more than a few individuals. Because people are outraged over this restriction and have been offered no explanation from AT&T directly, they have taken to the chatrooms and forums to voice their anger. HTC has taken immediate notice of this terrible situation and has offered an official statement regarding this matter:

“HTC is committed to listening to users and delivering customer satisfaction. Since announcing our commitment to unlockable bootloaders, HTC has worked to enable our customers to unlock the bootloader on more than 45 devices over the past six months. In some cases, however, restrictions prevent certain devices from participating in our bootloader unlocking program. Rest assured, HTC is committed to assisting developers in unlocking bootloaders for HTC devices and we’ll continue to unlock additional devices in the future”.

In other words: HTC is ok with unlocked bootloaders on its devices, but AT&T isn’t ok with this on its new flagship phone. HTC hasn’t changed its stance on working with the developer community, but for now– it’s working on unlocking other devices instead of the One X on AT&T’s network. Looks like AT&T customers would best splurge on the unlocked Tegra 3 version if they want to enjoy the full experience of the device because it doesn’t look like AT&T will be allowing any tinkering on its version anytime soon.


source: MoDaCo

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • DarkDvr

    AT&T = assholes. What else is there to say?

  • Eleeflyguy43

    ATT is all about exclusivity

  • Barkleyfan

    Its AT&T. They are Verizon, without the network.

  • Superduty

    What does unlocking the boot loader mean

    • Baller25

       It means your mom.

  • RTWright

    What is so unfortunate about this, is that AT&T is the best signal of any carrier in my area and I am planning on moving to them once my Sprint contract is up.  Because I’m very unhappy with how Sprint has handled a lot of things with the Evo 4G.  So what has me wondering is does this mean they’re going to do this to the GSIII when they get it as well?  As well other new hot selling phone releases to come?

    I’m certain someone will figure out how to crack the unlocking method, none of this can ever be permanent as someone always -finds- a way around things.  But for now it’s rather blah!  Granted, I will admit that I am not wanting to unlock my next phone mainly for security and privacy reasons.  On the other hand though, I would like that possibility to do so at any given time should I change my mind.