Facebook Gets Yet Another update, Camera and Messenger Icons a Thing of the Past


If you are an avid Facebook user then there is no doubt that you noticed the annoying camera and messenger icons that appeared in your app drawer after the recent 1.9 update for the Facebook app. After being ridiculed by app users, Facebook listened to the cries of unnecessary bloat and removed those pesky icons with a more recent 1.9.1 update and added the shortcuts to the lower left hand corner of the app itself.

After all that, now it seems that Facebook wasn’t happy with that option, issued yet another update, and removed those shortcuts from the app altogether… Finally, right?! And why would they think that 3 app icons for their app would go over well with users? Anyway, also included in the update is a few of the usual bug fixes and that is about it. So if you were upset that those shortcuts were getting in your way to take over word social networking domination, grab the latest 1.9.2 update below.


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