Wikipad Gaming Tablet Makes Another Appearance, This Time Shouts It Will Team Up With Gaikai To Bring Console-Quality Streamed Games

It’s no secret we all love gaming on our Android tablets. That’s why Wikipad’s Android tablet looks to revolutionize the face of Android gaming as we know it. The tablet will be designed as a general portable gaming unit, instead of having a traditional tablet slate. You will find the standard D-pad, dual analog sticks and buttons galore in order to control your games. Wikipad also took some time to pump up the features of its gaming tablet— which will feature a 10.1-inch screen, a quad-core processor and optional 3G for those who choose to use that to connect to the cloud gaming service if you don’t want to play a game locally on your device. Speaking of which— Wikipad also announced it’s teaming up with Gaikai to bring high-quality console games which will be streamed to gamers of all types.

No word on what games will be available at launch nor do we know of when the intriguing device will be released, but we suspect that they’ll want to release it soon– especially as summer is around the corner. Hit the break for the full presser.


(Cision (English) Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Innovative Tablet Maker Wikipad Partners with Gaikai as the Provider for Streaming High-end Console Quality Games Directly onto its State-of-the -Art Media Tablet LOS ANGELES, CA – May 2, 2012 – Gaikai ( ( ( (, the innovative cloud gaming service, today announces the signing of a partnership with Wikipad Inc., makers of the first tablet to offer an attachable, console-quality gamepad controller. The partnership will see the Gaikai client integrated into the tablet, making game streaming available to Wikipad users.

Cloud gaming is changing the way video games are consumed. Today gamers have to either drive to a store, wait for games to arrive in the mail, or download games, which can take as long as visiting the store itself. Cloud gaming removes the friction and makes games — no matter how large — appear instantly. The Wikipad is capable of running games locally but will also offer extremely high performance games from Gaikai’s cloud gaming platform. Without cloud gaming, many incredible console quality games could never appear on tablets.

“We chose to partner with Gaikai’s game streaming service for its leading performance, graphics, and content,” stated Fraser Townley, President of Sales for Wikipad. “It is the leading game streaming solution with the best library of AAA games and we are thrilled to offer these high quality experiences to our users where Gaikai’s network is deployed.” “The Wikipad is one of the most exciting devices for gaming to date. The tablet was designed with the needs of gamers in mind, enhancing the mobile gaming experience with a set of controls on par with today’s consoles and PC gamepads, enabling gameplay mechanics that have been previously unavailable with just touchscreen controls,” said Robert Stevenson, EVP of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Gaikai. The Wikipad concept was announced earlier this year with an enthusiastic response from gamers and press at CES 2012. The tablet offers the first-of-its-kind combination of HD graphics, optional 3G module and game console style controls that feature dual-analog sticks as well as a d-pad and video game buttons. Wikipad also features a unique Wifi-Direct optional accessory which will allow games to be played on HDTV monitors or televisions, allowing players to use the tablet as a portable console gamepad as well as a premium Android tablet.

Wikipad has listened to feedback from gamers worldwide since CES and will launch its tablet with a full suite of the latest immersive entertainment features and enhanced specifications including replacing the 8.1″ version with a premium 10.1″ screen, ultra-light chassis, optional 3G antenna for mobile provider subscriptions and a quad core processor. The official launch date for the enhanced Wikipad has yet to be announced.

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