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Verizon To Begin Rolling Out HomeFusion Residential 4G LTE This Week

Since last March or so Verizon has been testing out their new HomeFusion Broadband network and now the carrier says it’s ready to deploy nationwide.  The service should be rolling out wherever LTE service is currently available which Big Red says is 230 markets.  For those deeming it reasonable to upgrade, they can sign up for the new service at any Verizon Wireless store and they’ll soon receive an antenna professionally installed in their home.  Reported speeds were estimated to be 5-12 Mbps down and 2-5 Mbps on the up-link.  Whether or not it sounds like something worth upgrading to is going to be up to the consumer.  Why?  The service begins at $60 per month giving you 10GB’s of data or $120/mo for 30GB’s.  As usual, there is a $10 per 1GB overage charge for either tier.  In addition, the hardware installation will run you a one time $199.99 fee which supplies you with the modem and router.  As of now, it’s not making much sense to upgrade from your current cable Internet.  Furthermore, Verizon is currently offering a “double data” deal which supplies the user with 20GB’s of data for $80 per month while the HomeFusion plus hardware installation fee is significantly higher.  Only time will tell whether or not this deal kicks off or it gets quickly revamped to make more sense in Vz’s lineup of services and offerings.  What do you think?

source: Verizon

  • Tnpapadakos

    rather ridiculous if you ask me