Lookout Mobile Security adds File System and Install Monitoring to both free and premium users

We’re big fans of Lookout Mobile Security here at Talk Android. They just keep getting better. Today they announced two new services: File System Monitoring and Install Monitoring. These two services are aimed at those of you that like to download apps from alternative markets, forums, or any other means. Lookout already has protection for scanning apps after installation, but this update will scan these 3rd party apps before installation. That’s the ultimate form of protection because there’s no sense installing something that’s malware to begin with.

Don’t worry if you download these third party apps to your SD card because Lookout will scan your card and let you know in real time because it constantly ‘watches” your card. Since most people look to install an app immediately upon downloading, this makes sense. Many traditional scans are scheduled so if you download an apk, but your scan isn’t scheduled for another 3 days, what’s the sense?

With Install Monitoring, users will be given an option to scan all third party apps at the beginning of the side-load installation process.

Hit the links below to grab the update or give Lookout a try if you haven’t already. It’s free to get started.


Play Store Download Link


source: lookout

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