Dual-Screen Tablet Design Gets Patented by Samsung

Samsung has never been one to shy away from innovation and this is especially true when it comes to screen size and quality. The Galaxy Note is a perfect example, what with its 5.3-inch screen and the fact that it really spurred the push for the “phablet” design, like LG‘s Optimus VU. Samsung looks to push the innovation envelope again if their recent patent is any indication. Patent No. D658,173, which lists Kim Dong-Hun as the inventor, was filed on April 7th, 2012 and is for a “design for a terminal for portable mobile communication.” Should this device actually be manufactured, it would come with a dual 7-inch screen in a clam-shell design. Also, as you can see from the image above it will come with a remote/pointer. This suggests that it could be geared towards business professionals.



While the Tablet P from Sony was one of the first tablets to feature the dual-screen aspect, folks have complained that thanks to its rounded, clam-shell design, it’s difficult to use on a flat surface. Although the Sony Tablet P wasn’t really designed for business purposes to begin with. So, the idea that Samsung could release a more business-centric tablet could be plausible and most likely welcomed. While nothing suggests that a tablet like this is in the works, the idea of a well implemented dual-screen tablet would certainly be nice. Don’t you think?

source: Forbes
via: Android Community

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  • Sirwally

    Hmm…reminds me of the Toshiba Libretto W105, Acer Iconia 6120, and the ill-fated Microsoft Courier. I am too lazy to read the patent to see what is so different that this patent was awarded.

  • Spontius

    Don’t do it, guys.

  • Ickyfehmleh

    Will it play Nintendo DS games?

    Oh wait, right, this is _original_.

  • Neotaruntius

    sony tablet P ?